Eric Standlee Co-Founder of The Everything Talk Radio Network

Eric Standlee Co-Founder The Everything Talk Radio NetworkEric Standlee, Principal and VP of Business Development and Bank Relationship Development with family owned Houston private funding firm American Prudential Capital, Inc., founded the on-line/off-line community InHouston which meets once a month every second Wednesday in Uptown Park. InHouston has grown from 6 people in February 2008 to 400+ at the meeting by June 2009. On-line the group on LinkedIn and their own social network has grown to larger than 20,000 members and is part of the InCity Networks which is starting similar groups around the world.

Eric Standlee’s business

Eric Standlee has helped his family’s funding firm increase sales by more than $20 million in monthly numbers utilizing what he knows about social networking sites like LinkedIn. He speaks regularly at two or more venues about “Driving Revenue using Social Networking”. Eric Standlee is currently the host of internet “radio shows” including The Everything Networking show available for download free from iTunes. He has written and published a book on Amazon called “Alternative Funding” and is currently writing 4 more business books to come out soon. Eric Standlee‘s family’s private funding firm provides funding to growing commercial b2b companies.

Eric Standlee is also the founder of three acquisition holding companies in: Oil Field Services, IT Services, and Staffing. His most recent startup is Shale Oil and Gas Placement a division of InCity Placement LLC.

Eric Standlee Knows Funding

Alternative forms of funding corporate growth exist. In these troubled times, we need to look beyond the same old funding methods and learn the hard lessons from the misuse of inappropriate funding.

Eric Standlee Knows Social Networking

  • Eric Standlee speaks around town about “Unleashing Social Networking to Generate Real Revenue”.Recently Eric Spoke at:
  •  Professional Services Committee, Greater Houston Partnership, Breakfast Meeting
  • Houston West Chamber of Commerce, Breakfast Meeting and follow-on Lunch and Learn
  • PDG Houston, featured speaker
  • CEO Netweavers Houston Chapter, featured speaker
  • Boyden, Lunch and Learn for internal customers
  • Paradigm Group, Lunch and Learn for internal customers
  • WBEA half-day power training
  • Maximize Your Business TV Show
  • Weekly on two talkshows: Everything Marketing and Everything Networking

Eric Standlee Speaking about Social Networking

Eric Speaks about Social Networking in a great variety of formats:

  • Brief introductions 25 – 35 minutes
  • In-depth introductions 35 – 60 minutes
  • Lunch and Learns 45 – 90 minutes
  • Conference Speaker
  • TV shows
  • Radio shows
  • Round Table discussions
  • 1 on 1 mentoring