Everything Networking | Guest Sam Craven – Jun 28,2012

Listen in as Eric Standlee & Mitchell From talk with a guest each week, discussing the Dos and Donts of Effective Networking. On this episode of Everything Networking, Mitchell From & Eric Standlee interview Sam Craven. Sam has been a mechanic since high school, while attending Texas A&M and getting my degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology he worked full time as traveling race car mechanic and engineer on Ferrari Challenge and Star Mazda Race cars. He had full intentions of continuing down this path and staying on with the teams after he received his degree. His focus changed when he realized he REALLY wanted to be driving…not working, on the race cars. So he refocused on how to build a life that would allow this and has been working towards that since he left school. Since he graduated, he has changed jobs voluntarily 3 times (each time being recruited by the company) and has doubled his enjoyment, fulfillment, and pay. He loves the company he works for now and is focused on building the life that will allow him to support his family and play with race cars on the weekend! Mitchell From & Eric Standlee want to thank Sam Craven for being a guest on Everything Networking on Everything Talk Radio. Everything Networking | Mitchell From | Eric Standlee | Sam Craven | Business

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