Everything Networking Guest Dennis Ford Jr. – Apr 12,2012

Come hear Eric Standlee & Mitchell From talk with a guest each week, discussing the ins and outs of networking the RIGHT way. On this episode of Everything Networking, Mitchell From & Eric Standlee interview Dennis Ford Jr.

Mr. Dennis Ford Jr. is the CEO, Chairman and Founder of Devine Global Solutions Group a family companies. The following are part of DGSG, Devine Marketing Solutions and Devine Financial Solutions. Mr. Ford is also a Veteran of 15+ years with the U.S. Marine Corps. He was a Petroleum Engineer, Logistics Master and Business Administration and Global Management. Mr. D. Ford speaks on a variety of topics such as the following: Sales Marketing Branding Business Consulting Training Financial Solutions Corp. Funding And many more….. Mr. Dennis Ford Jr. is giving to the community and others; he is also the Regional VP & Chapter President, with the National Marine Corps Business Network. (Houston, TX) Mitchell From & Eric Standlee want to thank Dennis Ford Jr. for being a guest on Everything Networking on Everything Talk Radio. Dennis Ford Jr | Mitchell From | Eric Standlee | Everything Networking | Everything Talk Radio

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